Mysterious Berlin techno night, STAUB, which surfaces bearing no line up details, imparted to it’s masses the dark, noisy rhythms of LA-based artist Axkan for a set in Late November at 
://about blank. STAUB, a party where the audience gives in to the surprise of uncertainty, carried by carefully selected artists, guarantees to its listeners high-quality techno from start to close, and Axkan’s performance delivered on this promise.

Axkan‘s style of techno is highly influenced by Industrial and EBM alongside ethnic rhythms. Rest assured his set at STAUB dispened to its listeners, an ample selection of unforgiving, but pleasurable cacophony of discordant rhythms.

Artist: Axkan
Set length: 2hours03mins
Release date: 25 November 2017
Club: About Blank Berlin, Germany


About your recent tour in Europe, was this your first?
Technically this wasn’t my first European tour, I played two shows in Spain in the early 2000’s, when I was part of the NopalBeat collective.

What can you tell us about your experience?
I have to say this was an amazing experience for me as an artist, I could really feel the difference between techno in the US and Europe. It seems like everyone in Berlin is connected to techno in one way or another. I understand why so many people are moving there, the whole city feels like it breaths techno 24 x 7, I was really impressed by it.

What was the highlight of your tour?
With all the respect to the other promoters who booked me, I have to say the STAUB was the highlight of the tour. It was amazing to see the dance-floor packed from the first track to the last as well as everyone dancing, supportive and connected to the music I played. I’ve always had issues in the US because my techno was a too industrial, so it’s great to see that these days “industrial techno” is getting so much support and attention, especially in Europe. During my sets there, it seemed like the harder I played, the more people enjoyed it, so that was definitely a touching experience for me, very inspirational as I’m trying to push the industrial style in America with Axkan and with my label, OMEN Recordings.

Did you prepare anything new for this tour?
Yes I did, from the early 90’s, I’ve always played in a “LIVE SET” format, which means only playing tracks of mine and remixes. I was never a traditional “DJ”, but since the creation of OMEN, I started adding tracks from the recording artists and I really enjoyed supporting my friends’, so I kept adding more and more tracks from other artists, and now my sets are “HYBRID”. It also worked out great for the 3-hour long set request from STAUB.

Why did you switch your setup/style?
Well, I noticed that it works better for the dancefloor as a variation. I still bring on stage some hardware pieces (and probably always will), like my TR-606 drum machine, my 0-coast semi-modular synth and FX pedals. So, I still play a lot of my tracks but I also do live remixes on stage from other people’s tracks by adding synth lines, fx, samples and drums/percussions on top.

Any new releases, remixes or collabs in the horizon?
Of course, I have remix coming out in Frech label Kolkoz, another coming on Berlin’s Advenced (Black), I’m also working on some originals and also a few collabs in the works with JGarrett, Bombardier and 14anger.

Words: Erin Mader