In this episode we are featuring the Russian duo PTU , who’s music has been said to suggest “The giddy, ever-changing whirl of a kaleidoscope or the disorienting pleasure of a drunken ride on a Waltzer, minus the headaches and drunken shouting.

PTU released their debut EP – ‘A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day’ – on Nina Kraviz’ label, Trip, to huge acclaim. Resident Advisor highlighted them as one of the 5 key performances at Unsound 2017.

‘It’s tempting to take what happens at Berghain each weekend as techno’s absolute barometer, but on Thursday night at Hotel Forum three sets showed that it’s sometimes healthy to look in other places. Varg, an artist with a complicated relationship to techno, drew on ambient, noise, R&B and, possibly, trance to make his point. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Nina Kraviz infused her set with wild, rave-like expressions and never stayed in the same place for more than a couple minutes. And earlier in the night, PTU, a Russian duo who release music on Kraviz’s label Trip, showed how a couple tweaks to the template can make a major impact. For one, they played fast—almost 150 BPM. The second factor was their arrangements and sound design. The steady pound of the kick drum was constantly interrupted by mini-drops and random blasts of sound. The best example of this was their own “A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day,” a track that succeeds by creating surprises at every turn. (Kraviz also dropped it during her set.) This all amounted to something you could describe as fun, which made dancing to PTU seem pretty different to the standard techno party experience these days.’ Read more here.

Point Collective PS.015 with PTU

Words:  Hassen Belhaj



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