Ukraine-born Russian-bred sound artist Dasha Redkina has gathered her musical influences from Britain, where her sonic work took roots. In London she studied sound and film, and worked closely with music and moving image as well as being a record collector and private distributor , initiating her DJ work and later on leading a vinyl fair in Moscow under the name ‘Vinyl Picnic’.

Within the concept of ARMA17 club, a significant venue in the Russian music scene known to propagate cultural diversity, Redkina took the residency in 2012 and has been implementing those musical concepts on her artistic path since, touring the world under the brand and on her own, and forming other artistic collaborations.
Her transition to Berlin began in 2015, where her live project was born, under an alias Zoya Zerkalski, a fictional character which employs experimental sound and analog performative techniques .

Currently collaborating with other musicians and forming an art collective ‘Indocile’ who run live events in Barghain Kantine , Dasha continues to work as a DJ , adding that extra sense of musicality and risky tone to her sets . Breaking rules and experimenting with non standard musical forms, she is daring to throw electro between acid psychedelia, polish it with cosmic techno and silence it with abstract electronica.


Point Collective PS.014 with Dasha Redkina


Words: Celine Cazelles


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