For this episode we’ve been taking it to a larger episode for a set length of two hours and twenty minutes with TMM Records label boss, Vegim Hashimi. A promising Dj and producer from Pristina who has been dropping for the neith episode of Point Collective Podcast Series tracks from his own and from his at the moment tracks.

Vegim had recently released his album “Breaking Point” at his mother label TMM Records –  you can find it exclusively on beatport and bandcamp.

His album is so far supported by: Slam, Chris Liebing, Truncate, Dax J, Dasha Rush, Kr!z, SNTS, Pfirter, Arnaud Le Texier, ELECTRIC RESCUE, AnGy KoRe, Lag, Abstract Division and more.

Vegim covers an impressive range across Breaking Point‘s 15 tracks. It’s grounded in club-ready techno, with beats that vary from straight and jacking to broken and complex, peppered with the kind of subtle acidic flourishes perfected by artists such as Donato Dozzy and Luke Slater. The track titles alone—”Lost In Surface,” “Mad As A Hatter”—suggest Vegim is a fan of techno’s hallucinogenic potential, something that’s confirmed by the music. The Jeff Mills-esque “Controlling Shapes” is among the LP’s headiest moments, with a bleep melody, a rumbling bassline and crafty energy shifts. “Shaping Compounds” is another trip down the rabbit hole, with bell synths and a rolling groove bolstered by claps and sporadic hats. The acid is thickest on “Kokerat,” where a tunnelling 303 cuts through cosmic effects and another stomping drum pattern.

Memorable moments also come when Vegim loses the kick drum. “Prologue I,” “Prologue II” and “Prologue III,” Breaking Point‘s three ambient tracks, are especially poignant, piling on layers of looped synths until their mess of bleeps and blops becomes musical. It’s the sound of a gifted hypnotist based a long way from techno’s current hotspots, but who understands the power of subtlety and laser-sharp production. This likely won’t be the last we hear from Vegim.


  1. Markus Suckut – First Movement [Exile]
  2. Vegim – Breaking Point [TMM]
  3. Shifted – Trouble [Mote-Evolver]
  4. Rasser – Dialog
  5. Pär Grindvik – Tradition [Stockholm LTD]
  6. Exium – Subshell [Nheoma]
  7. Answer Code Request – The 4th Verdict [Ostgut Ton]
  8. Re:Axis – You The Way (TWR72 Remix) [Ostgut Ton]
  9. Israel Toledo – First Thought [Shout Records]
  10. Vegim – Accidental Observations [TMM]
  11. Vegim – Exalt [TBA]
  12. Submerge & Ricardo Garduno – Objective [Sleaze]
  13. Sigha – Pluralism [Blueprint]
  14. Michal Jablonski – Global Chain (Dorian Gray Eternal Remix) [Trauma]
  15. Monovsn – Odyssey Original Mix [Lunar Project]
  16. P.E.A.R.L.- Ordeal_III [Planeth Rhythm]
  17. Jeff Rushin – Glow [ARTS]
  18. Dope Hex – In the Small Place [Technodrome]
  19. Pfirter – Tide (Exium Remix) [Mindtrip]
  20. Tensal – Saga I (Original) [Ownlife]
  21. Pharmakon – Opress [Black Brook]
  22. PEARL – Fervor [Newrhythmic]
  23. Luix Spectrum & Bekkar – Android Zombies (Original Mix)[Label Code]
  24. Klauz – Morning After V1 (Original Mix) – [Assassin Soldier]
  25. Soelaxid – Lily (Original Mix) [Lunar Project]
  26. Vegim and Flekitza 2020 [TMM]
  27. Sweden – Uncode [Affect]
  28. Marla Singer – Mode Selector (Ricardo Garduno Remix) [Illegal Alien]
  29. Dark Persona – Formant [Basstune]
  30. Developer -Towering Figure [Developer Archive]
  31. Komprezzor – Drained (Original Mix) [Reloading]
  32. Kaiser – Sottotono [made of Concrete]
  33. Afrozoid – Indecent Express [Translucent]
  34. SLV – Planetary (Original Mix) [Soma]
  35. Patrik Carrera – Hiuas (Patrik Skoog Remix) [Paranoid Dancer]
  36. LeBird – I’m Slowly Drifting in an Abstractive World (Original Mix) [Lunar Project]
  37. MTD – Plasma (Hiroaki Iizuka Remix) [Self Reflektion]
  38. Men of Noise – Stop The Violence (Basic Implant Remix) [Toneman]
  39. Rekord 61 – Razbeg [Konstruktiv]
  40. Absent – Patient Zero [Belief System Records]
  41. Michael Kruck – Halcyon (Original Mix) [Gastspiel]
  42. Vedomir – Musical Suprematism (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [Dekmantel]
  43. Marco Bailey – Chroma (Anders Hellberg Remix) [Arts Digital]
  44. Patrik Carrera  – One Little (Ryan James Ford Remix) [Paranoid Dancer]
  45. Reacted – Vol Stationnaire [La Cinerie]

Words: Celine Cazelles


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