Project Description

Mono Girl is the project of Kristina Kristoffersen, a danish citizen and a singer which nearly works with different people of choice. Her engineer partner is Daniel Herrmann who is also known as Flug 8. Recently, they just lunched their own label called Kerosene based in Frankfurt. “The music is rather complex, it’s really work to have it funktion on stage.” Kristina says.  She isn’t a big fan of playbacks either.

Deep in the Denmark snow, the promise of spring lies buried; the promise of love, light, colour and passion.

Whizzing, whirling and glowing, the fields and forests awaken to her enchantment and she sets out in search of adventure and to find someone to call.

The Nordic darkness pales as the sun creeps up to peep above the southern horizon and light extends its glow into the world of Mono Girl – little girl, long shadow.

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