Project Description

For upcoming Bosnian producer Adnan Jakubovic, it can be said that he is one of the leading Bosnian producers.

He has debuted in various countries, and is currently producing for a number of international progressive house records. His production has no limits as he incorporates love and emotion in his music. Adnan is also rulling a podcast show in a regular basis called Big Bells podcast.

One of his greatest successes throughout his career has been his song, “Afraid of Happiness”, which has been a part of a compilation “Initializing V” with Suffused Music from Lithuania, through the collab with “Rondo” it was signed to the soundtrack with K.O.D.O.B.O., currently being filmed in Los Angeles.

Today, Adnan has over 70 productions with records all over the world, been focusing on digital releases and he’s going from strength to strength.