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Calendar | Boo Williams / Summer 2019 / Brazil Tour

Chicago house veteran, Boo Williams is slotted for two upcoming appearances in Brazil For September. For his first stop he will be playing at D-Edge in Sao Paulo on September 20th, then on the 21st, he will be heading to Curitiba to make an appearance at Some Festival which will be taking [...]

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Calendar | Stefan Goldmann / Summer 2019 / South America Tour

Stefan Goldmann is setting out for four dates in South America during the first two weeks of September. He’ll be kicking things off in Chile for two dates starting at Cybelia in Puerto Montt, then onto Noctambula in Santiago. He will then be heading to Buenos Aires to play Mutek in Argentina. [...]

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Review | Lindsey Herbert at Gate Batumi

It’s a pleasure to present this performance from one of the most talented Techno artists from the state of California; Lindsey Herbert. Originally from the Los Angeles area and now residing in San Francisco, Lindsey has made quite the name for herself in the world of Techno by providing dance floors with booming electricity. She has performed [...]

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