Lindsey Herbert is a name that continues to echo amongst the whispers of the underground realms of techno. She has become a recognized name in her city and beyond, in large part thanks to her unique signature sets — true journeys that explore alternating soundscapes laced together by dark, deep and heavy textures, spatial melodies and relentless, gritty undertones.

Her increasingly-known signature sound resonates clearly in this chapter of techno history recorded at RITUALS, a weekly event that haunts Berlin’s SUICIDE CIRCUS each Thursday. Joining her on the bill for this evening were artists akkamiau, Axial Procession, and Black Lotus. RITUALS host female:pressure, an online database and network of artists and cultural workers who work in the fields of electronic music and digital arts, sets out to raise the visibility of female, transgender, intersex and non-binary artists.

Artist: Lindsey Herbert
Set length: 1hours54mins
Release date: 14th December 2017
Club: Suicide Circus Berlin, Germany

Words: Erin Mader



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