JGarrett, the techno alias of Vancouver BCs Josh Garrett, delivers to us ‘Cascading Harm’, an upcoming release on Decoy Records —  the label headed by Rebekah.  Birmingham label which is now based in Berlin primarily focused on techno music and had artists & remixers such as Blawan, Rebekah, Jamie Bissmire, Ben Long, Mr.Jones, Electrorites, Jeroen Search and many others.

This piece begins with a blast of throbbing rhythms and plunges into an apocalyptic journey on an industrial dreamscape of driving beats and heavy repetitive conversations between rhythm and space. The textural backgrounds combined with the fluctuating rhythms keep us locked in long enough to leave us forgetting where we just were but glad we were there.



Label: Decoy Records
Artist: JGarrett
Catalogue: DECOY48
Format: Digital
Country: Germany
Release Date: December 20th



Words: Erin Mader