Already in the circuit and famous for their live appearances and well chosen minimal output, the French duo are still a well kept secret in the underground techno scene.

They are known for their hard industrial techno and their charismatic outputs, recently also for Trapez. For Traum they have created a daring 4 track techno drone EP. Experience energetic “free form” & techno beats & mighty soundscapes and be prepared for an electronic blast we have not yet released on our label.


“Centreon” by Unspent

The EP opens with “Centreon” a firework of irregular beats and slashing and smashing percussion that will pull you into their music as if by law of nature.
The horsepower behind all of this is unrestricted and the repetitive moments work great in a composition that is fierce and hypnotic.
Unspent build up a nice progression here that sucks in melodies and transport you to an unknown place. Nothing for the weak.

“Icinga” by Unspent

“Icinga” might be the result of a pressure drop… coming up strong with a vigorous post-Detroit sequences and tireless acoustic drums that put you in a hypnotic state.
Welcome to a high-powered and soulful avalanche of dynamic stop and go rhythms that make it a spirited track.

“Thruk” by Unspent

“Thruk” has a straight compelling 4/4 rhythm beat and might be the most classic techno track on the EP but turns out to take risky turns in the composition and includes electronic sounding sequences that install a sense or urgency.

“Shinken” by Unspent

Last track of the EP is “Shinken” creates an alarming “wall of sound” and probably is the most intense drone track on the EP.

Label: TRAUM Schallplatten
Artist: Unspent
Catalogue: Traum V216
Format: Digital
Country: Germany



Words: Hassen Belhaj



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