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Review | X/OZ Label Night in Moscow

Specificity of the program is that Nikita in her set uses the tracks of Russian musicians, as well as musicians from the countries of the former CIS. Also, the program implies guest broadcasts, Russian musicians have already participated in it, having played their sets, further sharing priceless experience and becoming a [...]

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News | Manuel Di Martino – Cute Poison EP [Persistence]

Persistence is back with a solo EP signed by the label boss Manuel Di Martino. The first track Somebody, Anybody is and old school stuff, cool arp and fast groove. Cute poison is a tool track with bells and filtered groove and effects, perfect for the dancefloor. On the b-side we can check [...]

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Review | Axkan (LIVE) at Union Los Angeles

Going thru the high increase of electronic music projects, we can say there is one that has have maintained the most original sound, creating the perfect combination of ethnic roots and electronic contemporary noise elements, we are talking about the project called Axkan. Axkan Live performance at Union Los Angeles for Nuit Blanche [...]

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Review | Manuel Di Martino at Radio Umr Naples

Manuel Di Martino did contribute a streaming podcast  for Radio Umr Naples. You can stream back the set via our youtube channel online here. Listen Manuel Di Marino previous EP here, soon the remix series in 12. His now getting ready for his next VA release at his own label Persistence with artists [...]

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Premiere | Vegim – Granit [TMM Records]

TMMR 210, the next release from Take More Music Records features 4 original primetime techno cuts from the artist known as Vegim. Bursting with energy and dynamics, TMMR 210 showcases Vegim's diverse and constantly evolving unique techno sound. Inaugurating this interstellar journey with Absolutely Shifted, the first techno track on the release introduces a [...]

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Tresor hosting Point Collective Artists in New Faces club edition

When Tresor opened on March 13th 1991 in a shack on Potsdamer Platz, beneath which the vault of the Wertheim department store lay, no one would have thought that from there would arise an institution that one day would celebrate 25 years of existence. The venue had only been licensed as an art gallery and received [...]

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