Born in Yokohama, Anri’s childhood was surrounded with the booming hiphop scene that resides within her home town. It was only until a trip to Tokyo with a friend, whilst underage, did Anri hear her first taste of underground dance music in 1999. After that one night she has never looked back. Being heavily inspired by many local dj’s, Anri moved out of Yokohama several years later, to the Techno capital of Japan…….Tokyo. Berlin based is back to her motherland Japan where all did start.

You’ll find her in Vent Tokyo, Giraffe Osaka and OWL Osaka Kansai in the following dates:

13:10: OWL Osaka, JP
19:10: Giraffe Osaka, JP
20:10: OWL Osaka, JP
22.10: Vent, Tokyo, JP
26:10: Giraffe Osaka, JP
27:10: OWL Osaka, JP

ANRI now lives in Berlin where she holds a residency at Chalet with her monthly Moshi Moshi Techno Nacht party and is also a resident of the quarterly Tokyo Redlight party at Salon zur Wilden Renate. You’ll find her after Japan tour in 1st October for Moshi Moshi Techno Nacht at Chalet Berlin.