From the beginning, the past is part of the musical training of Manuel Di Martino, who gained his first experience with traditional analogue instruments, using vinyls and an old turntable. The diligence and perseverance in the meanwhile allow him to build a solid musical culture projected also into the future, thus arriving to the place where most of all he wanted to be: behind the consolle. He managed, admirably, to make his way in the best clubs of Campania and releasing with important artists, one of this Scan 7.

In the 2015 he have open his label Persistence where he release with Raffaele Attanasio, Kaelan, Mike Storm, Hertz Collision, Mattia Trani, Johannes Volk, Jeff Rushin and more.

A Techno sound, deep and gloomy at times but lively and urgent at others, he has come definitively to a fairly good point of perfecting.

In the 2015 he have open his label Persistence, the first release is V.A. with himslef, Raffaele Attanasio, Kaelan and Mike Storm.
Always in perpetual excitement, Manuel manages to juggle with ease between the new studio software, proposing a set of sounds that are dear to him and who influenced him throughout his musical growth.

This podcast which Manuel Di Martino did contribute for Point Collective Podcast Series 011 is deep and gloomy at times from the start till the end but lively and urgent at others, this last has come definitively to a fairly good point of perfecting. It’s also a download enable podcast as the previous ones.

Manuel Di Marino is now getting ready for his next VA release at his own label Persistence with artists such as Endlec and Drafted.

You’ll be also able to see Manuel touring around this areas this season. Tresor Berlin in 4th October, Stadlin Rome in 26th November, Naples, Brussels, Lyon and others tba. Keep an eye on our page for exclusive news regarding this.

Point Collective PS.011 with Manuel Di Martino


  1. Blawan – Passer by [Blueprint]
  2. I Hate Models – Cyanure Dance [Nigredo Edition]
  3. 999999999 – X0001X000X [ninestimesnines]
  4. Rommek – Off the radar [Blueprint]
  5. Tessela – Rub [Blueprint]
  6. Endlec – a1 [ACR002V]
  7. Rumah and Progression – Lein [Blueprint]
  8. Rumah And Progression – Warm Bodies [Blueprint]
  9. DVS1 and James Ruskin – Page 1 [Blueprint]
  10. Musem – Septem F [MDR]
  11. Jeroen Search – Eight Four [Figure]
  12. Dj Seinfeld – Jerry
  13. Manuel Di Martino – The World is changing [Dynamic Reflection]
  14. Blue Hour – The Midnight Sun [Bluehour]
  15. 3kz – Please, Stay [Fides]

Words: Celine Cazelles