Ever since his childhood, Taunus Wood/Frankfurt based Daniel Herrmann knew of the endless breadth of the world; the shimmering of the ocean beneath the plane’s wings and the view from a perspective that has always been connected to something timeless, eternal and elevated. Growing up above the clouds as the son of a flight captain and stewardess, he spent a large part of his life travelling, experiencing the world, which provides the source of inspiration for his musical and visual endeavours to this day.

Looking back it seems like a musical career was always destined to be: His grandfather was an organ builder, and in Herrmann’s younger years he’d ardently pick up every instrument available. Phases of punk and Krautrock followed, carrying Herrmann through his teens and eventually leading him to discover synthesizers and electronics. While attending art school, a project combining his parents’ Super 8 home movies and his bedroom recordings gave birth to Flug 8. The project allowed Herrmann to explore the relationship between imagery and audio, the two cornerstones of his creative output.

Throughout 2003 Herrmann provided artwork for the mixtape series Live At The Robert Johnson, as well as for Roman Flügel’s Playhouse label. In 2005 The Robert Johnson waived it’s photography ban for Herrmann, allowing him inside the club to capture a rare glimpse of the experience of electronic music in one of the finest clubs in the world. Rather than focus on the DJ, the photographs captured candid fragments of the dancefloor, catching the transcending experiences of its’ patrons.

After a late night session at The Robert Johnson, Herrmann was introduced to Acid Pauli. The two shared “a little nightcap” and created the first Flug 8 release “Taunus”, followed by the 2009 debut album “Lösch dein Profil” both released on Acid Pauli’s Smaul imprint. After a three year break as a tour photographer for globe trotting rock bands, Flug 8 returns for his Disko B debut. “Trans Atlantik” is an expression of the emotions and isolation that were captured in his photographs on tour. The draining feeling of loneliness from endless hours of travelling can be heard across the record, which cites Sky and Brain records as its starting point, but with its sights set far into the future.

Collaborating with N.U. Unruh (Einstürzende Neubauten) on “Musik aus Metall”, the industrial hammering of Flug 8’s forefathers is re-contextualised into a pounding rhythmic workout, which could soundtrack one of his photographs taken inside The Robert Johnson. Danish artist Kristina Krisoffersen (Mono Girl) appears on “Watch Me Grow” and the Gothic Hymn “On A Spear” providing a breathy vocal on top of Flug 8’s ice cold electronics. His signature strand of ‘Krauty-housey-techno’ is the backbone for the album, with “Konsumprodukt” and “Zukunft” supplying the two cuts of mutant electro that Disko B have earned a reputation for.

If there is a constant in the Disko B Universe, it is to broaden the label’s close-knit family with unique and independent artists: “We are more than proud to get aboard with Flug 8 in order to start a trip into the unknown together with him… Sky’s the limit!”

Familiarise yourself with his music and forthcoming  podcasts below, and get in touch with  Flug 8 for worldwide tour availabilities.

Words: Lena Hylle