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Point Collective welcomes Axkan

With over twenty release already out in Beatport and over ten years in the business as a producer, label boss of OMEN Recordings and as a promoter in America who brings music lovers together, making them discover emerging local and international artists, in a friendly and uplifting atmosphere. Definitely he ain't a stranger to [...]

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Display | X/OZ label night tour takes over North Europe for this season

On a thin crust of porous rock Icelanders fulfill their sentence of life. In a rugged environment, close proximity to the core elements of the material formation; forms, shapes hues – a crystallized version of Fata Morgana so near but too far to grasp and fondle. The forces of creation unrelenting, tempo varies [...]

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PCPS.011 | Manuel Di Martino

From the beginning, the past is part of the musical training of Manuel Di Martino, who gained his first experience with traditional analogue instruments, using vinyls and an old turntable. The diligence and perseverance in the meanwhile allow him to build a solid musical culture projected also into the future, thus arriving to the [...]

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Point Collective welcomes Flug 8

Ever since his childhood, Taunus Wood/Frankfurt based Daniel Herrmann knew of the endless breadth of the world; the shimmering of the ocean beneath the plane’s wings and the view from a perspective that has always been connected to something timeless, eternal and elevated. Growing up above the clouds as the son of a flight [...]

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Display | Mono Girl & Flug 8 at Saasfee Pavillon Frankfurt

From September 8'th Daniel Herrmann will do an exhibition opening Saasfee pavillon. in Frankfurt called homeland! Flug 8 and Mono Girl created the soundtrack for the garden surrounding the pavillon that will be released through saasfee' own artlabel. On the 9'th of September Mono Girl will perform a special liveset with [...]

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