Unspent is a promessing french duo from Saint Etienne.


Unspent has been active on many fronts of the scenes since over ten years. Heavily influenced by a city that breaths industrial strength twenty-four-seven, they gradually found their own way into creating a unique dark sound, which lead them to the forefront of the European techno scene.

The four-track EP touches on “thruk, icinga, centreon  and of course, shinken,” the label says. When recording  tends towards a percussion-heavy sound that he calls “deep reggaeton.” This Ep is just a special. It will be released on  TRAUM (undername of TRAPEZ) 

Unspent next VA release is on Fabrik Music as part of the Fabrik various artists compilation on September 6 along side Blazej MalinowskiPVNV, AlhekDimi Angelis and many other.

Before 2017 take over they will be the guest of Mr Sonomic via Point Collective podcast series. Keep an eye into this one out.


“Unspent Music for unspent people who like underground techno music, that’s why we work and why we like this kind of artistic expression” – Unspent.


Words: Lena Hylle Bckmnn