In the distance the sound of trumpets roared as the procession made its way across the outback. The people marched before their great leader, prepared for him to guide them towards the end of the earth if that was what he so chose to do. The rallying call could be heard from far and wide, the sound fierce and weighty. A steady drum banged ominously beneath the dime growl of thunderous cries as the footsteps of a million men marched upon the sand.

OHM & Kvadrant collaborate on a new EP for German based record label Kontakt. An excellent dub orientated techno ep.

Here’s the  premiere track of OHM & Kvadrant  ‘Yding’ via The Ransom Note .


A1: Ejer
A2: Laki
B1: Octal Industries
B2: Yding

Limited vinyl , buy link on .



Words: Hassen Belhaj