The Various Artists 300 LTD copies is composed by 3 originals tracks on A side written & performed by : Giordanø, T kode & Nemrac and Cristian Marras.
On the B side 3 remixes made by Pulse One, Fanon Flowers and Gareth Wild.
It Is called “Originals & Remixes” to give to every single track is life.
Everyone has inside his point of view of the music, from one artist to the other, from the original track to the remix.
The different concept of the music is composing the music of our time.


Promoted: PullProxy
Distributed: SRD Southern Records.
Mastered: Andrea Merlini at Wisseloord Studios.
Artwork by: Gino Ven Makes.
Format: Vinyl
Country: Germany

Words: Celine Cazelles


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