Roddom is a record label based in Baku, Azerbaijan. It was founded by OrkhanHasanov (a.k.aHypnorion), Ismail Mammadov (a.k.aIszmail) and NihatGuliyev in May 2, 2016. Roddom has started its activity by holding session of underground events and releasing podcasts. Now Roddom Records is releasing its first VA Compilation Album called “Uterus”. The album includes 11 tracks by artists from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Germany, France, Tunisia, Portugal, Italy, Argentina. Album promises to be groovy, driving, disorientating, menacing, atmospheric, banging and womb-like by including proper, hypnotic, dark, industrial, acid, analog, modular sounds.

As label owners say: “Our main aims are to make a proper development of young electronic music scene/rave & techno culture/movement of Baku, to build a great and sincere worldwide network and stay true to ourselves”


Uterus is a first (as it’s called “birth001”) Various Artist Compilation Album of Roddom Records.



  1. Lost Algorithm – Mars Code [RODDOM001]
  2. Planet Wave – Black Phase [RODDOM001]
  3. SHNGL – Phaedo [RODDOM001]
Moddullar – Eco Conscientious Shift [RODDOM001]
  5. Darkotic – Mates en Rusia [RODDOM001]
  6. Peja – Inner Traveller [RODDOM001]
  7. Drhamer – Riot [RODDOM001]
  8. Unknown Unit – FFF3 [RODDOM001]
  9. Lars Huismann – Cave Drop [RODDOM001]
  10. Mess – B820 [RODDOM001]
  11. Lost Algorithm – Mars Code (Drhamer Remix) [RODDOM001]


Artist: Various Artists
Title: Uterus
Label: Roddom Records
Catalog: Roddom001/Birth001
Country: Azerbaijan
Format: CD/Digital
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 26 July 2017
Distribution: Fabrik Music
Mastering by: Lost Algorithm (Fabrik Mastering)
Cover art: SebuhiDeni
Promotion: Magatone
Support: DIV

Words: Celine Cazelles


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