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News | OHM & Kvadrant – Elevation EP [Kontakt Records]

In the distance the sound of trumpets roared as the procession made its way across the outback. The people marched before their great leader, prepared for him to guide them towards the end of the earth if that was what he so chose to do. The rallying call could be heard from far [...]

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News | Various Artists Compilation [Stratosphera Records]

The Various Artists 300 LTD copies is composed by 3 originals tracks on A side written & performed by : Giordanø, T kode & Nemrac and Cristian Marras. On the B side 3 remixes made by Pulse One, Fanon Flowers and Gareth Wild. It Is called “Originals & Remixes” to give to every single [...]

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Display | Tiago Fragateiro All-Night long at Gare Porto

Who could possibly forget how hard the stony walls of Gare porto shook last year in the presence of Tiago Fragateiro’s unsullied beats? Well, your hopes should be kept high as it’s that time of the year soon enough. On August 26th 2017, Tiago Fragateiro will once again have an all night long chance to dazzle [...]

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Premiere | Lost Algorithm – Mars Code [Roddom]

Roddom is a record label based in Baku, Azerbaijan. It was founded by OrkhanHasanov (a.k.aHypnorion), Ismail Mammadov (a.k.aIszmail) and NihatGuliyev in May 2, 2016. Roddom has started its activity by holding session of underground events and releasing podcasts. Now Roddom Records is releasing its first VA Compilation Album called "Uterus". The album includes 11 [...]

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Premiere | Gareth Wild – The Horror Of Zen [Fabrik Music]

Fabrik release next Various Artists 'Malecule' included 20 tracks for Compilation release date 24 July format CD / Digital. Soon Available at Fabrik Shops and via Bandcamp Fabrik Music is an Artist & DJ agency, where their main focus is on the new talents of techno music, where the quality of [...]

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