Denis Safiullin demonstrates his production style in a one-hour mix.

Unbroken Dub is a moniker of Denis Safiullin, a producer, DJ and Hot Wax Team representative from the Siberian city of Tyumen. His earliest work as a producer emerged in 2011 through the Rawax imprint, showcasing a cold palette of minimalist rhythms. Denis released on Rawax and Delsin labels and last year his album Forty Six Knobs Machine launched Nikita Zabelin’s imprint Resonance Moscow. As a big fan of Soviet analog synths and of all kinds of sample experimentation, Denis manages to achieve originality by constantly refining the sound and textures of his compositions, which are known for being concise, severe and melodically piercing.

Denis created this one-hour mix by compiling his old and recent works.The recording shows how versatile and precise his production is: incisive blends of laser-sharp techno, dub-like rumbles, melancholic pads and subtle synth motifs flow throughout the compilation. Sharing “honest rhythm” is the most important thing musically for Denis, and he demonstrates this in the mix – an accurate representation of Unbroken Dub’s sound.


  1. Unbroken Dub – Night Sequence [-]
  2. Unbroken Dub – Lullaby Arp [Resonance Moscow]
  3. Unbalance – Not Against People(Unbroken Dub Remix) [Rawax]
  4. Unbroken Dub – Winter Deepnes [Rawax]
  5. Unbroken Dub – Unrewind [-]
  6. Matt Star – Casionation(Unbroken Dub Remix) [Mainakustik]
  7. Unbroken Dub – Untitled Dub 1 [Rawax]
  8. Unbroken Dub – Factory Presets Improvisation [Resonance Moscow]
  9. Denis Safiullin – Pain [R-Zone]
  10. Unbroken Dub – Handle Candle [Dubwax]
  11. Unbroken Dub – Bad Module [Field Records]
  12. Unbroken Dub – Goodbye Montréal [RBMA]

Words: Hassen Belhaj


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