Born and raised in Leipzig and that’s where all did began for Georg Bigalke, he shows an extremely versatile nature, as well as his desire to experiment with different genres, not giving up, however, to a consistency that leads him to range in the vast musical landscape, while remaining true to his style that favors broken harmonies and industrial techno sounds.

Compact and precise. Georg Bigalke has been dropping the bass for years at esoulate and now his new project 45 Minutes of Techno is hitting the world wide web. Compiling the sounds of international techno greats and local favorites on one platform – everybody gets ¾ h. So why does it matter? “Just make up your own damn mind! Blast it just to go crazy or while firing up some food. Play it to warm up or chill down – launch off or hover around. Or while coming back down to earth on the 20 mile bike ride to grandma, is the fuel for your tank. Let these words be your intro and your outro.” Georg says.

He is currently working with labels such as: Authentic PewHypnotic Groove and Raven Sigh.


  1. Rad Machine – High Tide [Fuselab]
  2. Georg Bigalke – Nerken (Swarm Intelligence Remix) [Authentic Pew]
  3. Georg Bigalke – Nerken (Oliver Rosemann Remix) – [Authentic Pew]
  4. Georg Bigalke – Leddefreg [unreleased]
  5. Rhyw – Skull to the Chest [TH ± Tar Hallow]
  6. Ansome – Snake Eyes (O/V/R Remix) [Perc Trax]
  7. Orphx – Sever the Signal [Sonic Groove Records]
  8. Another Alias – Skin Ticket [Grounded.]
  9. Subjected – 005.7 (Developer Remix) [Vault Series]
  10. Dykore – Colouring Process – [Nashton Records]
  11. Dykore – Césium Dysprosium Titane [unreleased]
  12. Jerome Hill – Drumapella [Swords]
  13. Aphex Twin – I [Apollo]

Words: Celine Cazelles


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