T Kode is the artist name of Gabriele Salerno, born and raised in Rome and quickly moved to Berlin where he find his music and the rest of his records, where also his label Stratosphera Records is established.


T Kode specializes in Dark Techno with a bunch of acid influences and quite confusion-inducing tunes. Moreover, this Italian artist has kept his hard work to a certain, astonishing , level and have recently released “Spectro” on Fabrik Music, CD and digital format,  which is included in Parallel Points Various Artist (Frabrik002), featuring also Shaded Explorer, HOBI, MichałJabłoński, Moteka, Vertical Spectrum, Lunatik, Joaquin Ruiz, Corvum and many more. Spectro is the kind of track that saves you up all of the patience you have been gathering for hearing the intro and audaciously, yet quite heavily, brings it on the table. The twisted sonorities combined with the kick drums makes such a juxtaposition that you cannot disregard. Sometimes the melodies are fading yet in other times, they are quite resonant and strident, the global atmosphere is very sinister, however full of energy, more of a Roman war-zone like than a modern strutting robotic army. The low-bass winks at some points of the track allow you to recharge and to ready-set your aim well, because T Kode is actually one of the ascending dark electro producer nowadays.

Fabrik Music is an Artist & DJ agency, where their main focus is on the new talents of techno music, where the quality of their roster predominates.
The combination of yearslong knowledge and experience, paired with emergent forces and an exceptional work ethic can be found
right throughout the team. Fabrik music was created in Baku and now locate Berlin.

Fabrik Music Various Artists
Parallel Points EP

Artist: T Kode
Title: Spectro
Label: Fabrik Music
Catalogue: Fabrik002
Format: CD & Digital
Release date: 15th March 2017
Country: Germany

Mastering : Fabrik Mastering Studio
Art Work : DIV

Words: Nedra Jouini

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