Innovative and emblematic, that’s how we can describe Induxtriall Records’ artists. However, H.paul has fiercely turned our projector towards his new up-coming release on V/A Vol.2 Induxtriall Records, on 26th of April. Experimental, dark and quite industrial are the keywords that H.paul uses whenever seeking inspiration to start composing his new sonorities. Now, Abstract Sphere is the title of his recent release; within even few seconds from starting the track, you feel that it is going to be a quite crystallized gem, yet very dark in its corners and upturns.

Our imagination has not failed us as we go further in the track, we lose notion of the space-time scale through the high pitched sonorities that makes you more alert than you already should be when invading a dark space full of chaos and collisions, having as your own background a rich heavy bassline. The rolling snares are going to catch your attention mid-way, almost reminding you that the trip inside this black hole is going to be infinite. Abstract Sphere is such a sophisticated yet minimalistic track, and has been given the perfect amount of attention to details in each of its parts by the Spanish producer H.paul. We can expect more to come from him. You can follow his Induxtriall Record label, which counts many other artists such as Absolution / C-system / David Reina / GRZ / H. Paul / Irrational Language / Aphonico John Barsik / Kostnic / KryssHypnowave / modular systems / Stefano Infusino / 9192,


PC Premiere: H. Paul – Abstract Sphere [Induxtriall Records]

Words: Nedra Jouini

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