WertherEffekt, also known as Dada and Dita Crumbs, has definitely a lot to offer to the dark post-punk electronic music scene as a powerful queer duo. Born and raised in Sao Paolo Brazil, they have finally settled up in Leipzig Germany to expose people to an unusual dance floor, mixing different andoften opposed music genres and influences. Continuing to astonish not only their local scene, but also worldwide, they have recently released Vahani on March 17th. Originally composed by the Crumbs, where lyrics were written by Michelle M. (Donna Crumbs), the track presents such an interesting dark synth intro that transcendently fades some kicks and snares, as well as a repetitive crow howling from the background that perfectly fits the atmosphere that the duo is aiming for. Dada’s captivating yet imposing vocals are the main focus that nicely distracts you from instrumental addition as we go further in the track, hearing interesting and twisted rhythm as it follows. By almost the end of track, the vocals witness a stunning emotion-inducing up-rise then slowly diminish in volume and power as if she was delicately shutting off on herself. Overall, Vahani is the kind of tracks that can create different sorts of emotions once you hear it, and furthermore impress you once you have played it multiple times. We can admit that WertherEffekt is definitely one of the piercing names in the post-punk, obscure electronics scene locally and eventually globally.

Point Collective 3rd Premiere: Werther Effekt – Vahani


Vahani (w/ Vocals)
Tiro Ao Álvaro Dark Mix
Empty Tears (Jack’s Lament Rework)
Guerrier Sovietique
Une Vie Vil Et Pourri Sans Avenir
There Is No Misery A Heap Of Grime Won’t Fix

Album: Meningite Social

Photo Credit: Tenderrednet
Artwork: Deffekt Creations
Mixed and Mastered: Werther Effekt
Words: Nedra Jouini

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