With the most sophisticated combinations of Techno sounds of the dance floor, Unbroekn Dub invites us to explore the depths of a piercing cold canyon, now and then carrying fleetingly to a textural and hardly tangible landscape of a forest at night, with softness and smooth motion of warm air. His love for dark and dynamic sounds finds its expression in the mixing with soft melodies and powerful grooves creating transparent, disembodied imprints of an illusory atmosphere.

We’ve also picked up few pictures of his recent gig which took place in Tahran.

Point Collective PS.006 with Unbroken Dub (FREE DOWNLOAD)


1. Komet – Tab
2. Dorisburg – Splade
3. Chaos In CBD – Subterranean Storm
4. Specter – Windtalker
5. Late & Cie – Siclic
6. Baby Ford – Wine Gibson
7. L.B. Dub Corp – Nearly Africa
8. T.B. Arthur – Drum Thoughts
9. Louis Haiman – Retrau Neu
10. Sanasol vs. Ozzy – Seveneleven (closedonsundaymix)
11. Bronze Teeth – Accidental Myiasis
12. Alison Marks–Descendance (Aubrey Remix)
13. Kaito – As Time Goes On
14. Syn303 – FLUKX
15. Luigi Tozzi – Calipso

Photo Credit: Azim Fathi
Words: Hassen Belhaj
Location: Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition, Iran

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