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Review | Ben Klock, Input and HEX Barcelona

If there was ever a party that was more likely going to lure Barcelona out on the first weekend of January, it would definitely be inInput BCN, which has recently been defined as the most sensational Techno club of Barcelona. This two-floored venue offers a full view of the whole space which is made [...]

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Review | Florian Munkt’s misty Loved Noise set

Landshut (Bavarian: Landsad) is a town in Bavaria in the south-east of Germany, belonging to both Eastern and Southern Bavaria. Situated on the banks of the River Isar, Landshut is the capital of Lower Bavaria, one of the seven administrative regions of the Free State of Bavaria. It is also the seat of the [...]

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Review | Blawan back-to-back Exos

Any conversation of a certain length between a visitor to Iceland and a native will sooner or later turn to tourism. Iceland, and in particular the capital Reykjavik, is currently one of the fastest-growing holiday destinations in the world. More than 1.7 million people made the trip in 2016—a 40% increase from the year [...]

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