Splinter is a track which groups a trio of Heiko Laux, Diego Hostettler and Rocco Caine, a track which Belief System Records had it first digital release in 2014.01.02.

Belief System Records is runned  by Diego Hostettler and had releases with such, Zadig, Tadeo, Dimi Angelis, Staffan Linzatti and many more..

Requests has been rated. Today Rocco Caine , decides to make the edit for Splinter see it shines and he had chosen Point Collective to premiere it, we are very glad to have this edit finally online, especially after all those years which has been banging the dancefloors , this edit is even more banging than the original.

Rocco Caine is a very active producer and he’s located in Kassel at the moment, he got releases on such labels as Heiko Laux’s Kanzleramt, Adam Beyer’s Drumcode and Mike Wall’s Music amongst others.

POINT COLLECTIVE PREMIERING: Heiko Laux, Diego Hostettler & Rocco Caine – Splinter (Rocco Caine Mix)

Photo Credit: Rocco Caine
Words: Celine Cazelles

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