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Premiere | Splinter lives on with a Rocco Caine Mix

Splinter is a track which groups a trio of Heiko Laux, Diego Hostettler and Rocco Caine, a track which Belief System Records had it first digital release in 2014.01.02. Belief System Records is runned  by Diego Hostettler and had releases with such, Zadig, Tadeo, Dimi Angelis, Staffan Linzatti and many more.. Requests has been rated. [...]

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Danish Mono Girl step up with her first ep release at her own label

Once again, we‘re invited into the Mono Girl cosmos. Where the first ep 'Adventures' concentrated on Kristina Kristoffersens childhood, MONOGIRL 01 is taking it a step further into adulthood and is the first release on self-founded music label Kerosene. Kristina has visually collaborated with artist Moto Waganari, who has let Monogirl appear like [...]

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